Gig Market for Employers

What is Gig Market by Interview Invite?

Our online platform and marketplace for businesses to Find, Classify, Organize, Rate and Re-engage Hourly Workers.

How it works:

Gig Market is a hiring marketplace. We create transparency between you and the candidate by bringing active employers and active candidates to the same place, allowing for streamlined interactions.  Companies can engage and hire talent directly from our marketplace.

Additionally, we provide companies with their own branded talent cloud within to attract, organize, and re-engage their evolving workforce.

Gig Market Features:

  • Ability to find and engage new talent from our marketplace
  • Branded Talent Clouds within to organize and re-engage your talent
  • Advanced searching within your private cloud
  • Document saving within talent cloud
  • AI matching for job postings
    • Matching talent sent to your recruiters
    • Matching alerts sent to talent
  • Independent Contractor Compliance Health Checks

Additional services to grow your Workforce

Frictionless setup:

Your company can be utilizing Gig Market in less than an hour.

Bottom-Line Benefits:

Companies using Gig Market get a competitive advantage by being able to find and engage their evolving workforce from a centralized platform. Using our IC Compliance Health Check, you can rest assured knowing you are using a compliant workforce.

  • A centralized platform to Find, Classify, Engage, Organize and Rate your evolving workforce
  • A compliant workforce
  • Significant Cost Savings from:
    • IC Misclassification
    • Job Postings
    • Staffing & Recruitment fees
    • Marketing to bring in new Talent

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