Gig Market

What is Gig Market?

Our online platform and marketplace that helps businesses Attract, Organize, Classify, Rate and Re-engage Talent.

How it works:

Gig Market is how companies attract, manage and re-engage their workforce. We provide your company a branded, private talent cloud that allows your team of recruiters to organize, classify, rate and re-engage your temporary talent. Additionally, companies can use our AI matching to find and engage new talent from our marketplace.

Gig Market Features:

  • Ability to attract and engage new talent from our marketplace
  • Branded Talent Clouds within to organize and re-engage your talent
  • Advanced searching within your private cloud
  • Document saving within talent cloud
  • AI matching for job postings
    • Matching talent sent to your recruiters
    • Matching alerts sent to talent
  • Independent Contractor Compliance Health Checks

Frictionless setup:

Your company can be utilizing Gig Market in less than an hour.

Bottom-Line Benefits:

Companies using Gig Market get a competitive advantage by being able to find and engage their evolving workforce from a centralized platform. Using our IC Compliance Health Check, you can rest assured knowing you are using a compliant workforce.

  • A centralized platform to Find, Classify, Engage, Organize and Rate your evolving workforce
  • A compliant workforce
  • Significant Cost Savings from:
    • IC Misclassification
    • Job Postings
    • Technology fees
    • Marketing to bring in new Talent

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