Interview Invite Products

Interview Prep Course

We build custom, branded Interview Prep Courses to help candidates prepare for interviews with your recruiters and clients. We’ll work with your team to define how the candidate should prepare and what they need to know. Furthermore, we’ll create a quiz at the end of each section to ensure they are prepped for the interview.

Micro-Sites with Interview Prep Courses

We use micro-sites to support talent-driven campaigns and to build brand awareness. Our design and content strategy create the perfect destination for candidates that are driven there through digital ads, re-targets, and more. Our goal is to get the right candidate on the right page and convert them into the right hire.


Improvement in Candidate fit


Better Conversions


  • We audit your existing talent journey 
  • Design a mobile friendly micro-site to attract and engage potential applicants
  • We work with your recruiters to create Interview Prep Courses, lessons & Quizzes to educate your candidates
  • We increase your application completion rates and candidate preparedness 


  • Audit of Talent Journey
  • Mobile Friendly Micro-Site
  • Quick Apply Form
  • Interview Prep Modules 
  • Design & Content (copy / artwork)
  • Hosting & Maintenance


  • Creative Talent
  • Hourly Talent
  • Interns
  • Freelancers
  • Independent Contractors
  • Mobile Applicants

Let's address your Talent Priorities