Career Insights, Training Courses & Templates:

Creating better Job Seekers, Applicants and Candidates

We’re providing job seekers the training and tools needed for their entire job search.

  • Careers Insights to help find and explore different career opportunities
  • Training Courses to help improve their job search capabilities
  • Templates to help create a resume, cover letter, craft an email and track their progress
Showcase how your company wants to help job seekers
You can drive talent to individual courses (ex: career paths within your industry)

Interview Prep

Custom, branded modules to help candidates prepare for interviews with your recruiters. We’ll work with your team to define how the candidate should prepare and what to bring with them. Furthermore, we’ll create a quiz at the end of each section to ensure they’re ready to interview.

Our Platform will:


  • Productivity
  • Recruiter Efficiency
  • Technology Engagement
  • Talent Applications
  • Talent Engagement / Applicant Experience
  • Talent preparedness
  • Value and use of your recruitment tools (ATS, Talent Community, FMS)


  • Application Drop-Off
  • Incomplete Profiles
  • Time to Fill
  • Time spent filtering applicants
  • On-boarding times
  • Spend on technologies
  • Overall Recruitment Budgets

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