A centralized network of Recruiters, that allows your company to search, engage, organize and rate industry expert Recruiters nationwide.

In order to support our clients’ pursuit of top talent, we created Recruit.  Our network of industry expert recruiters was created to help centralize and streamline a notoriously decentralized industry.  Companies can now go to one place to search, engage, organize and rate recruiters.

Our platform allows you to:

  • Search by Expertise, Location & Diversity Status
  • Engage directly with recruiters through the platform
  • Organize top performers into a private group
  • Rate Recruiters on their performance
  • Save and manage Contracts for reference
  • Benchmark Recruitment fees

So you can achieve:

  • Higher Quality Placements
  • Quicker fill times
  • Reduced times searching for recruiters
  • Significant Cost savings from:
    • Fee Benchmarking
    • Blind agency spend
    • Poor recruiter performance
    • Legal fees reviewing contracts

Do you have the best recruiters filling your roles?