What is Connect by Interview Invite?

A Self-Sourcing Staffing Platform that uses AI to match, engage and direct talent to your open jobs, automatically.

How it works:

We provide companies access into our shared talent network. Using our job posting feature, AI will match, engage and direct talent to your open jobs. Additionally, companies will receive an email with a list of matching candidates. Companies can then hire as many or little as they want without the stress of dealing with recruiters.

Frictionless setup:

Your company can be utilizing Connect in less than an hour.

Bottom-Line Benefits:

Companies in the Connect network get a competitive advantage with immediate access to a new pool of high-quality, engaged, diverse candidates who might never have applied to their business.

  • Access to new pool of active job seekers
  • Reduced time to fill
  • Significant Cost Savings from:
    • Job Postings
    • Staffing & Recruitment fees
    • Marketing to bring in new Talent

Join the Network

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