Talent Rolodex

A private cloud that allows your company to Capture, Curate and Convert Talent

Through the utilization of Interview Invite’s Talent Rolodex, organizations are able to direct multiple candidate sourcing channels into a centralized platform. With your own dedicated Talent Rolodex you can quickly search for qualified talent including contractors, consultants, SOW vendors, former interns, alumni, retirees and even “silver medalists” (your 2nd place finishers for FTE roles), letting you select the best “known” resource for your project.

This cloud-based application makes it easy to source, curate and engage new and known workers your organization already knows and have successfully engaged in the past.  By centralizing this data, organizations are presented insight into their total talent availability, enabling better worker utilization, increased worker quality and significant cost avoidance.

Additionally, “Talent Preview” offers a suite of features that includes automated sourcing, matching and engagement of candidates with job opportunities.  Talent Preview can reduce the time required to connect a candidate with an ideal employment opportunity by as much as 90%.

Bottom-Line Benefits
Interview Invite’s Talent Rolodex delivers a true competitive advantage by enabling a significant portion of your flexible workforce to be internally sourced rather than agency sourced. The results for your business will be transformative. With Interview Invite your project sponsors and talent acquisition team will realize significant benefits:

  • Higher quality placements
  • Reduced time to fill
  • Shorter time to contractor productivity
  • Significant cost savings over agency recruited workers
  • Compliance and engagement process efficiency

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