Our Mission

Interview Invite was founded in 2019 with a simple mission, to provide job seekers the training and insights they need to make confident career decisions, convert those decisions to actions, and deliver the career growth they desire. We address their most critical challenges, priorities and opportunities: Job Search, Employer Engagement, and Economic Stability.

Our Brands

Interview Prep Course is changing the way candidates prepare for their interviews.  Interviewing is stressful. Recruiters have to spend several hours each day telling every candidates about their company, explaining the interview process and sometimes setting expectations of what hiring managers look for. Job seekers don’t know what to expect and are rarely feel fully prepared for their interviews.

We work directly with recruiters to create custom interview prep courses to ensure candidates feel fully prepared for every step of the interview process.

Additionally, we provide free job search training courses, career insights, resume/cover letter templates and communication tips for all job seekers looking to improve their job search.


Online Courses


Lessons & Insights


Editable Templates


Job Seekers helped

Gig Market is an online platform and marketplace for businesses to Find, Classify, Engage, Organize and Rate their contingent workforce within a branded, private talent cloud. Recruiters can execute on a consistent and compliant human capital strategy while giving their talent a positive workforce experience.

Our Founders

Chad Stieglitz

Chad’s experience has a unique mixture of Staffing/Recruitment, Payroll, Workforce Solution Design, and Custom Software development of HR Applications.  Seeing the disconnect between talent and employers made me realize there needed to be a better way for job seekers to prepare for their next step.

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Larry Roth

Larry’s tenure in the business work has given him the opportunity to grow and expand national franchises.  While mentoring young leaders and hiring for branches across the country, he recognized the need for professional development before the candidate ever applies.  

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