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Workforce Dash

Workforce Dash is a mobile friendly, out of the box, pre-VMS, extended workforce platform that compliments and enhances Payroll, RPO and MSP programs. 

Workforce Dash was built with one focus in mind, to help service providers build talent pools and direct sourcing programs

Interview Prep Courses

Nearly 50% of the applicants fail an interview because of the lack of knowledge they had about the company and the job they applied too. 

Interview Prep Course is changing the way applicants prepare for your upcoming interviews.  We build custom, branded Interview Prep Courses to help candidates prepare for their upcoming interviews with your recruiters or hiring managers. We’ll work with your team to define how the candidate should prepare and what they need to know to ace the interview. Furthermore, we’ll create a quiz at the end of each section to ensure they are prepped for the interview.


  • 300x improvement in Candidate Fit
  • 4x Better Conversions

Job Distribution & One Click Apply

We’re a job board designed for millennials.  We focus on making it as easy for the job seekers to apply.   Your job postings are sent through our app, to our engaged group of job seekers, who are actively looking for work. Once they receive the alert, they can use their profile to one click apply or autofill their application.  We prevent application drop-off, reduce your ppc spend and increase conversions.

Job Seeker Resources

  • Job Search Prep Courses: 75+ Free courses to teach you where to find jobs, how to apply to modern technologies, how to engage with recruiters and self-prepare the interview process.
  • Career Insights: 1,100+ free lessons to explore different career paths to see what that job’s daily routine looks like and minimum requirements for that job.
  • Email and Communication Templates: Help spark the conversation, engage with recruiters and how to ask for feedback.
  • Resume & Cover Letter Templates: Create a resume that can be consume and searched by modern recruitment technologies.
  • Networking & Project Tracking Templates to help you stay on top of outreach and engagements.

Career Path App

Quick Apply will autofill your applications on your favorites Career Sites and Job Boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, Monster or LinkedIn.  After you’ve applied, our Job Tracker will save your application details, so that you can easily track and update your progress within one centralized tool.